If you’re thinking of adding another room to the family cabin, or curious about what it will cost to build your dream home, here’s a list to get you started on information to provide your builder and designer.

First, let’s focus on the basics. Approach your designer or builder with a baseline for your project. New construction or renovation. How many square feet. Number of stories. Perhaps you’re thinking of an addition, or redesigning an existing interior. Another basic consideration is the budget for the project.

Next, we consider options that help flesh out the plan for what you have in mind. Do you have special guidelines in mind, such as green building techniques or incorporating specialty materials?

Mountain Home Design Studio likes to eventually get down to specifics that really unlock the direction your design might take. These might include features of your existing home you’d like to retain, or characteristics of the property that drew your attention in the first place. The MHD Studio design team takes a special delight in incorporating that certain something about your space when customizing design and construction.

We suggest approaching your builder or designer with the very basics as a starting point and building from there. Contact MHD Studio and tell us about your building project.